Top 5 gaming laptops in 2017

top-laptopIn the initial years, these laptops looked and were very similar to the regular laptops or desktops with just a difference that they were designed specifically for playing games. But the push for more color, attraction, and high-end graphics, instilled the designers to make it more alluring and this is how they got to get a special design. Now there are a lot of gaming laptops in the market and getting to pick the right one satisfying your thirst for games is a difficult one. This is because there are all possibilities of getting confused when you are amongst the different types for all of them look great.

Market research

To help those who are interested in buying one but are confused with the options, a market research was conducted to rate these gaming laptops based on their performance, variety and speed they promise to offer. Below is a list of the top 5 gaming laptops that rule the world today. Shake hands with them and take them home for an extraordinary gaming experience. Here, below you will find some exotic models that would suit and match your expectations better. Try one of them to really play the ultimate game.

Top Gaming Laptops of 2017

  1. Origin EON15-X – though we have special laptops and desktops for gaming purposes, there are a few who always prefer having the make-up and design of a desktop. So the chase and hunt for a desktop-like gaming laptop will find the right match here. Its design is something that will never fail to attract anybody. The materials that are used in designing this laptop are more comforting and even the features are a little upgraded. The regular vents are more solid; the equalizers come with better lighting and functional sets. The entire set is fully customizable hence giving an opportunity for the user to dance with his fingers while playing too.
  2.  Asus ROG Strix GL502 – the Asus ROG Strix GL 502 rocks. There can be nobody who will not fall in love with this model and there can be no better one than this for a game lover. While looking for a laptop, people generally look for good battery life and an exemplary performance. The quest for such a model will end here for it strikes a perfect balance between these two. Beyond the regular expectations of the user, this model delivers awesome features, alluring color screens, and some delighting inputs.
  3. Lenovo Ideapad Y700 – the main feature that is responsible for this laptop`s top ranking is the battery life it offers. This is a 15-inch entry level gaming laptop that might not be a great gaming platform and performance but stands good and decent for the amount it demands from the user.
  4. MSI GS60 Ghost Pro – this laptop is best rated for its thin and trim size and chic look. This is slightly at the higher side of the price scale but is worth paying for the featherweight and lotus touch.
  5. HP 15-AU624TX – featured as one of the best gaming laptops under 60000 RS, and is known for the top-notch graphics and its performance.

How to avoid eyestrain while gaming

4140020420_26d7388b89_oMost of us spend a considerable amount of time sitting in front of the laptop for work, or entertainment like playing games or browsing for information. We tend to think that the more we work on our laptops, we will be able to finish all the work in one go. But, seldom do we realize that excessive usage of the laptop not only affects our physical health, but also our mental health. Incorrect posture might lead to neck and back problems, excessive typing can cause numbness, and sometimes using too much of laptop can lead to addiction.

One of our body parts, which gets highly affected by continuous use of laptop are our eyes. Prolonged exposure of our eyes to the glaring laptop screen is the most harmful thing. It leads to strain, and can also lead to pain, redness, itchy or watery eyes. The eyestrain or irritation due to working on the laptop has been termed as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). According to the American Optometric Association, “CVS denotes a group of eye and vision-related problems due to prolonged computer use.” 

Corrective actions and measures need to be taken at the right time to reduce this syndrome and bring down the damaging effects as much as possible. There are things that you can do at your individual front to ensure that you are able to protect your eyes, while you work.

Anti-glare Screens: The laptop screen throws a lot of light on the eye and prolonged usage can make your pupil to widen. Earlier, this feature was not so prominent, but with increasing complaints, most of the laptop manufacturers nowadays have made this an inbuilt feature. So, always choose a laptop with an anti-glare screen.

Take Short Breaks: It is advisable not to work for too long in front of the screen. A small break in between won’t hamper your work, rather it will help to reduce health complications. A little rest will help your eyes to adjust and come back to the normal and then you can get back to your work. Also, do not continuously look at the screen, try to blink more often. While you take a break, exercise your eye and let them relax.

Use Proper Lighting: Avoid working in the dark, just in the light of your laptop. This tends to give more pressure on the eyes. Always work in proper lighting. The ambient light should be well adjusted with the laptop screen light.

Adjust Display Settings: This is the most important thing. Adjust laptop display settings like brightness, font size, text colour, contrast and others. This will always help you to adjust your eyes as required.

If you have been using a laptop for long hours without paying attention to its ill effects on your eyes or if you have already been experiencing problems, then it is time to take preventive measures. It is very important that you give less strain to your eyes today, to avoid the risk of fatal consequences later.

5 reasons to buy an external keyboard for your laptop

Are you suffering because of stiff fingers and sweaty palms? Laptop keyboards can cause inconvenience to a lot of people as keys could be stiff or not functioning properly. Besides, if you are used to desktop computers, the laptop keyboard can feel small and limiting. There are several people who will recommend buying an external keyboard for your laptop. Nowadays, you even have Bluetooth keyboards available in the market, which are wireless. Though your laptop comes with its own keyboard, buying an external keyboard makes sense and here’s why:

  1. Flexibility: When you are working on a laptop, you tend to sit in a position comfortable to you. But sometimes, you end up hurting your back. That’s why, external keyboard helps you to keep your laptop stationary and you can position your external keyboard as per your comfort and ensure you find the right posture

  2. Maintenance: External keyboard can prolong the life of your laptop. Since the laptop keyboard is rarely used, there are fewer chances for dirt/dust to creep in and accumulate on your laptop keyboard.

  3. Uncomfortable: Some laptop keyboards are uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, for example the keys can be tiny for those with large fingers or sometimes the keys can be too hard to press. Also, people who suffer from carpal tunnel find it difficult to keep their palms straight and in such cases an external keyboard is very handy.

  4. Gaming: Game lovers want a keyboard that is smooth as keys double up as game controllers in the game. Gamers, in fact, need special mechanical keyboard which are made of spring-loaded keys and each key is individually backlit and identified by different colors like blue, green, red and black.

  5. Easy Customization: There are lots of features available in external keyboard that are missing in conventional laptop keyboards. For example; the Curved key bed and the reversed slope. Then there are hotkeys which can help you find files, folders and web pages handy. You can also zoom in and zoom out for a closer look with just a touch of a finger.

1-1232472255xXipToday several ergonomic keyboards are available in the market. External Keyboards come various styles with adequate comfort for your hands and elbows. Normally any keyboard would have QWERTY features but the latest Windows 8 keyboards have special features like search, share, and home, settings which allow the user to be far away from the laptop and still manage all operations effectively from the keyboard itself. Treat yourself to a superior typing experience with stylish and comfortable external keyboards like:

  • Bluetooth multi-device keyboard which lets you connect your phone, laptop and tablet to a single keyboard.

  • Gaming addicts can use gaming mechanical keyboard which functions as a web browser or a mouse pad with backlit keys.

  • Media Keyboard which allows you to manage music or home theatre settings as per your comfort.

  • Wireless touch keyboards, which allow you to stream music when you connect your laptop to your TV screen and you can control your music or movie with ease.

  • Multimedia keyboards that cater to those people who want to manage a variety of stuff like music, movies, and games.

How to build a budget gaming laptop

With a rapid growth in Information and Technology, there is a change in every phase of life. Every bit of day to day’s work has been made easy with the introduction of advanced equipment and gadgets that simplify our lives. Today, not only can you buy the latest devices, the advent of technology ensures that you have access to all kinds of information including DIY guides to customizing and building your own devices to suit your needs. One such device that you can build on your own is the laptop.

Though it is simpler to go out and buy a laptop, there are enthusiasts who may want to explore the idea of building their own computing machine with specifications they wouldn’t get from a store-bought piece. Buying a gaming laptop nowadays is pretty cheap, with great gaming laptops under 1000 dollars. But if you go for the route of building it you may make even more savings.

Building a laptop of your own is like visiting a restaurant and picking from an extensive menu. There’s a whole platter full of options. Additions, rejections, modifications can be accommodated, but first you need to fix the core. Before starting with the process, decide and fix on why, how and for what you need your laptop.

Follow the few simple steps listed below; become the developer and designer for your own brand new laptop.

laptop-buildAccumulating Parts: Do a product search and gather all the basic parts required for the laptop like a mouse, keyboard, screen, touchpad, charger and external devices and their sockets. Then equip your laptop with a RAM, CD drive, Processor, Hard Drive, Camera, Graphics Card and other necessities that you feel might make your laptop a unique one.

Arranging the Bottom Panel: Much like how a strong building requires a sturdy basement, a fully equipped laptop requires a powerful Bottom Panel since that will decides the life and the very existence of your laptop. Remove the cooling system so you can access the processor spot. Now carefully fix the processor with the help of a screwdriver and cover it with a thin layer of silver thermal paste. This will shield the processor’s core from damage.

Installation of cards: The bottom panel is like a refugee camp. It welcomes and easily accommodates all new-comers. Now install the graphics card in the socket given safely and screw it down with the motherboard. Then fix the RAM or the memory card into the motherboard, the size and capacity will depend upon your requirement and usage. Remember to shield the graphics card with silver thermal paste. Now you can place the cooling system into the panel.

Wireless Card: Next in line is the installation of wireless cards. These are the most important and the safest parts required in a laptop. They function as antennas and are the same as memory cards. Unlike the other parts, they have to be cautiously and correctly installed right above the connector. Listen for the ‘click’, which indicates that it’s fixed right. Then move onto position the hard drive into the cradle. In some cases, this spot is to the side of the laptop, in others it’s at the bottom.

Final touch: Lastly, install the CD drive; connect the batteries to a charger and it is plug and play time.