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5 reasons to buy an external keyboard for your laptop

Are you suffering because of stiff fingers and sweaty palms? Laptop keyboards can cause inconvenience to a lot of people as keys could be stiff or not functioning properly. Besides, if you are used to desktop computers, the laptop keyboard can feel small and limiting. There are several people who will recommend buying an external keyboard for your laptop. Nowadays, you even have Bluetooth keyboards available in the market, which are wireless. Though your laptop comes with its own keyboard, buying an external keyboard makes sense and here’s why:

  1. Flexibility: When you are working on a laptop, you tend to sit in a position comfortable to you. But sometimes, you end up hurting your back. That’s why, external keyboard helps you to keep your laptop stationary and you can position your external keyboard as per your comfort and ensure you find the right posture

  2. Maintenance: External keyboard can prolong the life of your laptop. Since the laptop keyboard is rarely used, there are fewer chances for dirt/dust to creep in and accumulate on your laptop keyboard.

  3. Uncomfortable: Some laptop keyboards are uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, for example the keys can be tiny for those with large fingers or sometimes the keys can be too hard to press. Also, people who suffer from carpal tunnel find it difficult to keep their palms straight and in such cases an external keyboard is very handy.

  4. Gaming: Game lovers want a keyboard that is smooth as keys double up as game controllers in the game. Gamers, in fact, need special mechanical keyboard which are made of spring-loaded keys and each key is individually backlit and identified by different colors like blue, green, red and black.

  5. Easy Customization: There are lots of features available in external keyboard that are missing in conventional laptop keyboards. For example; the Curved key bed and the reversed slope. Then there are hotkeys which can help you find files, folders and web pages handy. You can also zoom in and zoom out for a closer look with just a touch of a finger.

1-1232472255xXipToday several ergonomic keyboards are available in the market. External Keyboards come various styles with adequate comfort for your hands and elbows. Normally any keyboard would have QWERTY features but the latest Windows 8 keyboards have special features like search, share, and home, settings which allow the user to be far away from the laptop and still manage all operations effectively from the keyboard itself. Treat yourself to a superior typing experience with stylish and comfortable external keyboards like:

  • Bluetooth multi-device keyboard which lets you connect your phone, laptop and tablet to a single keyboard.

  • Gaming addicts can use gaming mechanical keyboard which functions as a web browser or a mouse pad with backlit keys.

  • Media Keyboard which allows you to manage music or home theatre settings as per your comfort.

  • Wireless touch keyboards, which allow you to stream music when you connect your laptop to your TV screen and you can control your music or movie with ease.

  • Multimedia keyboards that cater to those people who want to manage a variety of stuff like music, movies, and games.

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