How to avoid eyestrain while gaming

4140020420_26d7388b89_oMost of us spend a considerable amount of time sitting in front of the laptop for work, or entertainment like playing games or browsing for information. We tend to think that the more we work on our laptops, we will be able to finish all the work in one go. But, seldom do we realize that excessive usage of the laptop not only affects our physical health, but also our mental health. Incorrect posture might lead to neck and back problems, excessive typing can cause numbness, and sometimes using too much of laptop can lead to addiction.

One of our body parts, which gets highly affected by continuous use of laptop are our eyes. Prolonged exposure of our eyes to the glaring laptop screen is the most harmful thing. It leads to strain, and can also lead to pain, redness, itchy or watery eyes. The eyestrain or irritation due to working on the laptop has been termed as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). According to the American Optometric Association, “CVS denotes a group of eye and vision-related problems due to prolonged computer use.” 

Corrective actions and measures need to be taken at the right time to reduce this syndrome and bring down the damaging effects as much as possible. There are things that you can do at your individual front to ensure that you are able to protect your eyes, while you work.

Anti-glare Screens: The laptop screen throws a lot of light on the eye and prolonged usage can make your pupil to widen. Earlier, this feature was not so prominent, but with increasing complaints, most of the laptop manufacturers nowadays have made this an inbuilt feature. So, always choose a laptop with an anti-glare screen.

Take Short Breaks: It is advisable not to work for too long in front of the screen. A small break in between won’t hamper your work, rather it will help to reduce health complications. A little rest will help your eyes to adjust and come back to the normal and then you can get back to your work. Also, do not continuously look at the screen, try to blink more often. While you take a break, exercise your eye and let them relax.

Use Proper Lighting: Avoid working in the dark, just in the light of your laptop. This tends to give more pressure on the eyes. Always work in proper lighting. The ambient light should be well adjusted with the laptop screen light.

Adjust Display Settings: This is the most important thing. Adjust laptop display settings like brightness, font size, text colour, contrast and others. This will always help you to adjust your eyes as required.

If you have been using a laptop for long hours without paying attention to its ill effects on your eyes or if you have already been experiencing problems, then it is time to take preventive measures. It is very important that you give less strain to your eyes today, to avoid the risk of fatal consequences later.