building a gaming laptop

How to build a budget gaming laptop

With a rapid growth in Information and Technology, there is a change in every phase of life. Every bit of day to day’s work has been made easy with the introduction of advanced equipment and gadgets that simplify our lives. Today, not only can you buy the latest devices, the advent of technology ensures that you have access to all kinds of information including DIY guides to customizing and building your own devices to suit your needs. One such device that you can build on your own is the laptop.

Though it is simpler to go out and buy a laptop, there are enthusiasts who may want to explore the idea of building their own computing machine with specifications they wouldn’t get from a store-bought piece. Buying a gaming laptop nowadays is pretty cheap, with great gaming laptops under 1000 dollars. But if you go for the route of building it you may make even more savings.

Building a laptop of your own is like visiting a restaurant and picking from an extensive menu. There’s a whole platter full of options. Additions, rejections, modifications can be accommodated, but first you need to fix the core. Before starting with the process, decide and fix on why, how and for what you need your laptop.

Follow the few simple steps listed below; become the developer and designer for your own brand new laptop.

laptop-buildAccumulating Parts: Do a product search and gather all the basic parts required for the laptop like a mouse, keyboard, screen, touchpad, charger and external devices and their sockets. Then equip your laptop with a RAM, CD drive, Processor, Hard Drive, Camera, Graphics Card and other necessities that you feel might make your laptop a unique one.

Arranging the Bottom Panel: Much like how a strong building requires a sturdy basement, a fully equipped laptop requires a powerful Bottom Panel since that will decides the life and the very existence of your laptop. Remove the cooling system so you can access the processor spot. Now carefully fix the processor with the help of a screwdriver and cover it with a thin layer of silver thermal paste. This will shield the processor’s core from damage.

Installation of cards: The bottom panel is like a refugee camp. It welcomes and easily accommodates all new-comers. Now install the graphics card in the socket given safely and screw it down with the motherboard. Then fix the RAM or the memory card into the motherboard, the size and capacity will depend upon your requirement and usage. Remember to shield the graphics card with silver thermal paste. Now you can place the cooling system into the panel.

Wireless Card: Next in line is the installation of wireless cards. These are the most important and the safest parts required in a laptop. They function as antennas and are the same as memory cards. Unlike the other parts, they have to be cautiously and correctly installed right above the connector. Listen for the ‘click’, which indicates that it’s fixed right. Then move onto position the hard drive into the cradle. In some cases, this spot is to the side of the laptop, in others it’s at the bottom.

Final touch: Lastly, install the CD drive; connect the batteries to a charger and it is plug and play time.

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